Redken Curvaceous by Jasmine Joyner

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Hi guys!

Thanks to my hairdresser Peter Brouwer Hair I recently came into contact with Redken. They offered me to try their Curvaceous hair care and styling line, specially designed for curly hair. The line contains a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, anti-frizz lotion, serum, mousse and reactivating spray. All enhanced with Moringa oil. I was really excited to try it out. And now, after having used it for a little while, I will let you know what I think!

Let me start off by telling you that I LOVE this line of hair products. The shampoo and conditioner surprised me the most. I thought what I was using at the time was really rich and creamy. But the Curvaceous shampoo and conditioner made my hair even softer and super easy to comb through. The shampoo already gets your hair silky smooth, and the conditioner just tops it all off. You can rinse out the conditioner or use it as a leave-in.

Once I finished washing I used a little bit of the lotion, serum and mousse and dried with a diffuser. This is how it turned out…
Super defined and voluminous curls!

My (shared) second favorites are the serum and the mousse. The serum looks more like some kind of candy swirl you would want to eat. But it’s actually a very soft and light product that soothes the hair.
The mousse is unlike any mousse I have ever used. Most mousses are kind of dryish from the moment you spray it on your hand. This one is actually very rich and when you rub your hands together it starts to feel more oily/waxy. When your hair dries, it doesn’t feel as hard/dry/flaky as the ones I’ve used in the past. Love it!

Of course the hair mask is one product you can never not have, being a curly girl. This one is also really nice. Although the conditioner is so great on it’s own, it kind of blows the hair mask out of the water. But still great to use and leave in over night once a week!

Last is the reactivating spray. To be honest I’m never a big fan of these kind of sprays, because it just doesn’t compare to freshly washed and styled curls. But if you’re really in emergency, you can use it to tackle fly-aways and extreme frizz.

I will soon be doing an Instagram exclusive give away, with one of Redken’s newest products. So make sure to stay tuned and follow my Instagram if you aren’t yet! (@jazzyjoyner)